Giving added value to products.

Today more than ever the market in which we operate has become impulsive, with peaks of work that often lead to problems in procuring small parts.

No one wants to risk blocking production; for this reason, Torneria Pezzi offers its customers several solutions:

  • Sale on consignment:
    Allows the customer to always have the necessary stock available at his own warehouse while avoiding the financial commitment of having to buy goods in advance.

  • Free-pass productions:
    We can ship free-pass material, ensuring the necessary quality but eliminating the cost for the customer of having to check the incoming material.

  • Management of yearly requirements:
    Based on a one-year order framework, we can produce all the required quantity and store it at our warehouse. On request, our logistics network can ensure delivery in 24H-48H throughout Europe.

  • For the continuous production of items that require long lead-times, we offer the possibility to store, in our warehouse, a quantity sufficient to cover the time necessary for a new production and thus to allow the customer to continue working.

  • Transport (quality with the right speed/price ratio)..
  • We offer customized solutions to meet any requirement.