Full and safe delivery of the goods ordered.

In a market that demands ever-faster response times and rapid shipments, an important aspect of production is the packaging.

Packaging is:

  • The last step before the shipment of goods

  • A moment for controlling all the previous processes
  • The management of the material’s traceability

  • Making finished products safely transportable worldwide

We do everything possible to carefully pack the produced pieces in order to ensure safe transportation to their final destination. Our standard packaging consists of cartons weighing up to a maximum of 18 kg, individually labelled and arranged in layers on EPAL or disposable pallets.

We are equipped to pack in:

  • Cardboard boxes with loose pieces

  • Cardboard boxes with arrangement of the pieces in layers
  • Styrofoam packing sheets in cardboard boxes
  • Individual parts in stapled envelopes

  • Single or loose parts in thermo-sealed bags for the food industry
  • Packing in returnable plastic packages

On demand, we can pack produced materials with your logo.

Particular attention is given to environmental protection: we pack in recycled cardboard boxes with no marks or images and closed with paper tape. All packaging is done with easily recyclable raw materials, purchased in Europe and studied with particular attention to territory preservation.

On request we can have special packaging produced to meet every need in regards to packaging, protection, handling.