Coolant filtration

Torneria Pezzi automatically manages the storage, filtration, collection and distribution of cutting oils used in production. Thanks to a system largely designed within our company and completed in 2016, cutting and lubricating fluids are handled with ease ensuring continuous and consistent performance in cooling machine tools during their use.

During the design phase great attention was given to environmental protection; various redundant systems guarantee the absence of risks related to the accidental spillage of oils.

dichiarazione di residuo ENG 31082020
For the processing of the stainless steels used for components placed in aggressive environments, the 3 µm filtration of the lubricant allows the elimination of the risks related to ferrous contamination of surfaces. The presence of ferrous particles in suspension in the oil used for cooling the processing, can in certain cases lead to a contamination of the processed areas resulting in a strong reduction of the resistance of the entire component to surface corrosion.

Our system is constantly monitored through the analysis of residues. The results of the last annual monitoring are now available.




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